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Joanne sitting under a tree reading a bo

About Me

My name is Joanne, and I like books. I love books in fact. I have so many books that they don’t really fit on my bookshelves any more, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one like that out there…

I have been a reader since before I can remember and studied literature at Lancaster University. In recent years, my love of all things literary led me to being a private English tutor. Helping others to immerse themselves in the written word always feels like more of a privilege than anything else. Now I have added book blogger to that list of ways in which I can share my love of books and reading! 

My blog is a place where I can talk about the books I'm reading, the books I'd like to read and the bookshops bookish places I'm visiting. 


My reading tastes are eclectic and I don't really specialise in any one genre. I read for a wide range of age groups so that I always have books to recommend to my students and, for myself, I will read everything from classics to contemporary! 

Please hit the subscribe button at the bottom of this page and I may even send out a newsletter from time to time if I have any particularly exciting updates to share with you! 

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