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The Housemaid by Sarah A. Denzil

If you are looking for the perfect summer thriller with a twist you will not see coming then have I got the book for you!

The Housemaid follows the story of our narrator, a recovering drug addict, as she secures a job as a maid at the prestigious Highwood Hall. The job seems perfect as the wages are great and accommodation is included within this beautiful stately home, owned by the Harwood family.

But her dream job quickly takes a sinister turn. She receives a chilling package on her first day: a diorama depicting a gruesome scene inside the Hall itself, and the housekeeper, Mrs. Huxley, constantly appears out of thin air and seems to be watching her every move.

Highwood Hall has a secret and the perfect job is quickly becoming the perfect nightmare…..

I really enjoyed this read and the book gripped me from the very first chapter. The pacing was fantastic and I quickly became engrossed in these characters and their lives. The Hall itself takes on a life of its own and the various servants corridors, spyholes and hidden doors really intrigued me and made the perfect backdrop for this dark and twisty tale.

There are various twists in the narrative and each time I thought I had a particular event or character figured out, I’d need to re-evaluate as I read on! I devoured this book in a few sittings and I am sure you will too. I wouldn’t say that I especially warmed to many of the characters, but that’s probably because I was too busy suspecting them of all sorts! Even our narrator keeps her secrets from us and we learn more about her as we go along. The reveals are perfectly timed throughout the novel by the author, and it really was a complete page-turner.

If you’re a diehard thriller fan, I’m confident you’ll love this one. If you’re new to the genre then it’s going to set a very high standard for your future reads! Either way, this is an incredibly enjoyable novel, and I will be certain to pick up more books from Sarah A. Denzil in the future.

The Housemaid is out on 20th July 2021, and my thanks go to Sarah and to Insta Book Tours ( for the gifted copy.


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